Theraband Progressive Hand Trainers Intro Kit – ITEM NUMBER#26200 by AllerMates/Awearables,LLC (a)

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Each Intro Kit contains an instruction guide that demonstrates proper exercises for a variety of applications one set of rings and one each of the tan yellow red green blue and black sheets * Additional refill sheets are supplied in sets of 6 sheets per individual color/level of resistance and sold separately * The Progressive Hand Trainer is composed of a pair of high impact 10 and 10.5 diameter molded rings that lock a fitted circular Thera-Band exercise sheet in place when pressed together * With more than 60 access holes the elastic sheets provide numerous strength training and range of motion exercises including progressive extension exercises of the hand and wrist – ITEM NUMBER#26200 by AllerMates/Awearables,LLC (a) ITEM CODE#2550A – Filled in Category:Exercise & Physical Therapy,Hand Exercise Products