MalleoLoc Ankle Brace Left Size 2 Heel Width + 2 3/8 – ITEM NUMBER#2438D by Hygenic Corporation (v)

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LEFT * SIZE: 2 * HEEL WIDTH: Larger than 2 3/8 * Designed to increase stability without restricting mobility * Helps prevent inversion eversion and initial ankle twisting as well as re-injury without restricting plantar and dorsiflexion or impeding performance * Prevents the outward rolling of the ankle * Leaves heel free for natural stabilization while walking or running * Special thermo-plastic material is low profile comfortable extremely lightweight and fits any type shoe * Heat moldable for exact fit * Color: Titanium Grey * – ITEM NUMBER#2438D by Hygenic Corporation (v) ITEM CODE#2403D – Filled in Category:Orthopedic Care,Ankle Braces & Supports