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psoriasis ultra-violet lamp 800 w- table model - item number#20003a by crown therapeutics / roho (v)

Medical Supply Store Physician Supplies - CM COMPLETE MEDICAL

* For home or clinical use (psoriasis model is available by prescription only) * Consistent output controllable dosage and simple operation * Spectral irradiance tests at 14 show production of 64% UVA 36% UVB and virtually no UVC (70% UVA 30% UVB for psoriasis model) * Includes a 10 minute timer switch protective wire guard and protective goggles * HCPCS Suggested Code: E0691 – ITEM NUMBER#20003A by Crown Therapeutics / Roho (v) ITEM CODE#1R1011C – Filled in Category:Physician Supplies,Lamps – Ultra-Violet & Access.